What Happens to Your Body In a Fighter Jet | Doctor Pulls 9.2 G's

I was contacted by the United States Air Force Thunderbirds and they asked me if I wanted to fly an F16. I said yes. What happened changed my life forever and I’m so excited to share the experience with all of you. Not only do I get to share the incredible experience of soaring above the clouds at mach speeds with you from inside the cockpit, but I also get to share everything I learned about G-LOC (passing out), Flight Surgeons, and why women are better suited for this kind of flying than men. This was probably the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life, and I’m so glad I get to take you along :)



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    Dr. Mike: follow the protocol your surgeon gives you on the day of surgery Also Dr. Mike: they told me to get good sleep and eat a good breakfast, I did not sleep a lot and had a protein bar for breakfast

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    Levi Schmidt

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    Could you do something with the United states air force pararescue jumpers? They are special operations soldiers that pull the critically wounded off the battle field and treat them inside the helicopter while they go back to a military hospital.

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    Devon Gilbert

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    Why is the biggest thing I took out of this is the salut maybe just bc I’m military



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    The mig29 can pull more Gs because it has no limiter

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    Jony Braistow

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  36. Valentín Molina

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    Its bring tears to my eye to see those beauty plane since being pilot is my obsession..really wan to have that kind of ride one day.

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    Extra Slayar

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    I know these pilots train daily sometimes more then once and pull 9 Gs probably as often as a ice cream lover eats ice cream during the week but to be in a loop as ur passenger is dying and ur talking like u are driving on the highway without even missing a beat of breath is another level of badass



    2 päivää sitten

    Respect for the soldiers that actually go through this like it's nothing almost everyday

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    Mario Sanchez

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      Tree Fern

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    Lisa Wilkinson

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    Jennifer Turner-Oliveira

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    Mr. Koz

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