PROVEN Health Benefits Of Video Games

I’ve been a big gamer my entire life, and while too much gaming and gaming addiction are very real problems, many studies show that playing video games actually has several health benefits, as long as you don’t overdo it. Turns out playing Fortnite, Minecraft, or even classic RPG’s can benefit your social life and even your grades!

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    Nobody: Me: *casually sends this to my parents even though I’m probably the kid in this family who games the least*

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    me showing my mom

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    Tnx i finally am able to play 3 more hours of games without my mom disturbing me EDIT: didn't work lol

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    This is a certified Gamer Moment 😎

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    You heard it here folks, it's time to play Trauma Center all day.

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    Wow, I should start playing video games now

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    Man is now shilling video games. He is totally shameless.

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    Thnx Dr. Mike. Now I can show this video to my parents

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    Gaming actually develops the physical brain Me being a gamer:YES!

  10. Cindy Bejarasco

    Cindy Bejarasco

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    "GAMING HAS BENEFITS" My younger brother: This is exactly the reason why I dropped out school and no longer sleep! See? Better learning.

  11. Tomáš Tóth

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    Thank you

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    Well you hear him! Dr’s orders!!! More gaming stat!!!

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    improve social skills meanwhile getting calllef every racial slur in mw2 lobbied

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    im gonna show this parents

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    I also think osu! Helps with sight read and reaction time

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    My parents watching as I show them this video: >:(

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    Woah, I didn't expect to see Aloy

  19. The One Above All

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    “And can even ward off anxiety” Me who was the last guy in a WoW Legion raid trying his best to finish the last boss and won.



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    Me starting to play assassin's Creed continues to pass chemistry after previously failing it

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    How about fortnite

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    Are karen watching this video?

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    I also thought of that.

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    Hello everyone, this video will be the most shared by gamers among yt.

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    It is official from now on we leave schools and start gaming

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    Me : plays 17 hours a day Dr. Mike : they downside if you over do it Me : skips 10 seconds

  28. Yuri- chan 1349

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    The reason why it helps me with anxiety is bcs of online friends

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    Do you play video games Doctor Mike?

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    Now i can make an excuse to play games all day long

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    i love gaming no wonder why i am one of the smartest in my class.

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    Respect to my man over here shouting out APEX. Mike pls play more Apex

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    I play 24/7 quite literally

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    I totally don’t spend 20 hours a week on games lol

  36. TCTCyou


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    Finally someone have said it, i remember playing mmorpg and i would calculate how much exp gain for an hour with x amount of mobs in the map with x amount of damage i do per second plus the x amount of potions i need with how much money i would gain for an hour.... I was doing legit maths but my parent think playing game is bad lmao

  37. Mark Stubbins

    Mark Stubbins

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    I'd love to have a game with you

  38. Tiffany Spurlock

    Tiffany Spurlock

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    My brother breaking up with his little girlfriend bc she was taking away his game time was not reasonable 😂

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    :0 I play mobile legends

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    God bless you for this

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    doctor mike playing sims challenge!!!

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    I sent him a Vietnamese Subtitle, wonder when it will reach him.

  43. Juliet's life

    Juliet's life

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    A doctor said gaming has health benefits!? *subscribes and starts binge watching*

  44. PremiumSoupBoi • 456 years ago

    PremiumSoupBoi • 456 years ago

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    I have somewhere into 10k plus hours of gaming which is definitely not ok but I'm not going to stop, mainly cause I can't

  45. Lumine


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    My comfort game is genshin impact it is three dimensional it contains weapons but no blood you can kill enemy npcs its a cool game

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    Can we just thank Dr.Mike for showing apex

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    As a gamer, I can say: this is poggers

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    Say whaaaaa

  49. That one Janitor

    That one Janitor

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    Shooters also help strategize. If there is an enemy in the room nearby, what do you do? Strategize, then put the best plan into action.

  50. Okky Firmansyah

    Okky Firmansyah

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    Playing dota 2 in sea server really changes everything

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    me: what about the demon slayer RPG that is coming out-

  53. Reacting Too Movies.

    Reacting Too Movies.

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    Minecraft is especially good when you have to travel for work or studies ;)

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    Bro develop brain?……. Me be like: yaaaa my mom be like:

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    love thisss

  56. Gold experience Requiem

    Gold experience Requiem

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    Now the only thing we have to face is "I gave birth to you!!"

  57. That one CharJade shipper who is really defensive

    That one CharJade shipper who is really defensive

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    Rythm games make my fingers feel faster and stronger lol

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    Mom: U SHOULD NEVER PLAY VIDEO GAMES!!!! Me: shows her this video* Mom: Keep playing video games.



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    Thumbnail looks like he’s gonna kill you it you dont agree with him

  61. Fawkesy


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    My theory is that as gaming becomes older and older it will stop being as criticized like people will stop saying that video games cause violence as video games become just something that’s common in every day life,video games are common now but I think when we get to the time that video games have been around as long as television it will become less criticized

  62. Lavenderrose73


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    Oh wow, a doctor advocating video games? Awesome!

  63. Abigail Reena

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    Me: only plays minecraft bedwars 😌💅

  64. me


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    Problem isnt gaming, its the amount of hours spent gaming. Take a break after every two rounds or every 20 min and try sticking to 3 hours per day. Keep in mind that videos games are basically designed to get you addicted. Iv seen people let gaming get in the way of relationships and events in their real life, make sure to prioritize your real life before your virtial one.

  65. akmaza ary

    akmaza ary

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    the only benefit i know is stress release. didn't know it has more than that which scientifically prove.

  66. Infinite_ Names

    Infinite_ Names

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    So we're in a grey area, better than black or white

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    👏👏👏 ... my ❤ happily racing seeing Mario mentioned!! 😯🥳🥳YEAH !! 😎 MAARRRIOO !!

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    I’ve been playing games since I was like 3 or 4 and I will always give it some credit why I consider myself to be pretty smart

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    Dude i try to tell my mom this all the time but she dont beleve me

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    so... I'm not the only one who plays games to relax and fall asleep to? cuz I have anxiety and game distracts me from thinking at night.

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    Amber_Yuki -_-

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    Kenmar from. Haikyuu watching be like: SEE MOM!! I TOLD YOU GAMING WAS GOOD!!!!

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    Good thing I am a coder and have a good pc xD

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    Me who plays warrior cats and WoF roblox: *maybe i am healthy*

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    I'm sweaty wraith main I got no brain

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    Mikeeeeeee I played all day straight...... what's a reasonable dose I mean I played from 11 am to 10 pm with 5.. 5minute breaks

  81. explains video

    explains video

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    my friend playes a lot of reaction based games and his reaction time is so sharp its scary

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    Alr I'm making a petition to have a gaming class during school who wants to sign

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    Before shooters: clumsy After shooters: *+1000 TO MOTOR SKILLS, REACTION TIME, AND BALANCE*

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    Dad: that's because you only have interests in games and not studying

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    Can you react to Parks and rection medical scenes?

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    Gaming improves physical brain: That's the problem we need improvement mentally...

    • Malachai Carter

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      You're joking right? You can't be serious in this comment.

  90. عَدِيُّ


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    Bro, when gaming is a harmful addiction people with brains don't want anything to do with it. I am talking about games like Rust that ruin your life.



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    nice one 😀👍😀👍

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    Me poor Me no money to pay game Me no infrastructure Me hardly get electricity Me no brain improvement Me sad

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    no wonder why im not so smart and intelliegent...its because my mom keeps telling me to stop playing fortnite smh

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    Yeah take that mom and dad gaming did help me 😂

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    My brother could be smart if he played in reasonable doses like me then.

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    Yes mom, listen to that

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    “Gaming has benefits” My Teacher and Parents: So like I said, gaming is bad for you and makes you violent.