Doctor Reacts To Absurd Facebook Health Posts Ep. 2

Last summer I reacted to some bizarre health posts I’d found on Facebook. I logged back in to see if I could fact-check any more posts that seemed to be spreading like wildfire. Well wouldn’t you know it didn’t take me long to find some dangerously misleading or downright ridiculous health “tips”. I had to fact check things like using onions to cure the cold, baking soda to remove grease from your hair, drinking cow’s urine to fight COVID-19, putting cabbage in your bra to battle mastitis, using toothpaste as a skin cream, and the proper way to hold your phone, drive, and wear your backpack to school.

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-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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  1. Parnashri Das

    Parnashri Das

    21 minuutti sitten

    If you got a chance to throw smelly onions on the people who made these crappy facts, I bet you would enjoy😂 enjoyed the video it was so good 😂💜💜

  2. WZ Raiyan

    WZ Raiyan

    11 tuntia sitten

    Can someone give me the link to his discord?

  3. Big brained belieber

    Big brained belieber

    12 tuntia sitten

    9:00 Second hand embarrassment for Indians

  4. Minkxa


    15 tuntia sitten

    *sniffing rosemary can increase memory by 75%* me: having the name rosemary my cousin who watched this: *sniffs me before his exam*

  5. Ocho


    17 tuntia sitten

    How about a doctor telling garlic is a cure for cancer?

  6. UnashamedlyHentai


    19 tuntia sitten

    Seville oranges do the same thing as grapefruit with medications.

  7. Ceanna Bernardo

    Ceanna Bernardo

    22 tuntia sitten

    8:16 ah, so it would seem i've been washing my hair wrong, i am supposed to levitate my hand ABOVE my hair, not actually touch it.

  8. Fabiola Graceffa

    Fabiola Graceffa

    23 tuntia sitten

    Is so funny when he gets mad 😂😂

  9. christina.v


    Päivä sitten

    Just so you know, healthcare professionals in Finland recommend cabbage leaves for engorged brests after giving birth and as a first aid "trick" to HELP witth the swelling and inflamation. 😁

  10. Karima Raji

    Karima Raji

    Päivä sitten


  11. Indigo Cupcake

    Indigo Cupcake

    Päivä sitten

    As an Indian I'm ashamed 😔😞

  12. aesthetic shiz

    aesthetic shiz

    Päivä sitten

    my friend: my knee hurts me: a p a c h e c r y s t a l

  13. Passion


    Päivä sitten

    Sir I live in Bengal and I completely agree with you

  14. I_love waffles!

    I_love waffles!

    Päivä sitten

    I remember the onion on ur foot thing, my mom did this when I got sick

  15. Aciya B

    Aciya B

    Päivä sitten

    You’re so passionate and fiery; I love it 👏🏻🥳

  16. Timea Lewis

    Timea Lewis

    Päivä sitten

    “LEAVE THE CABBAGE ALONE” i have never heard someone talk about a cabbage so passionately hahaha and when i tell you this part had me rolling😂😂😂

  17. Manjima Paul

    Manjima Paul

    2 päivää sitten

    It's so funny seeing Dr Mike like this. Boiling like a chicken in a pot by reading all these weird health claims🤣

  18. Manjima Paul

    Manjima Paul

    2 päivää sitten

    His name is Dilip Ghosh. No he's not any minister of West bengal of india. He's a member of opposition. I should know because I'm from there. Even we all made fun of those comments. But yeah..... Sigh 😕

  19. Jennifer Jenny

    Jennifer Jenny

    2 päivää sitten


  20. David


    2 päivää sitten

    Now i can remove the brown spots off my arms and legs

  21. miss kubti

    miss kubti

    2 päivää sitten

    The longer it hangs out there. 😂😂😂😂

  22. Adam Czech

    Adam Czech

    2 päivää sitten

    I love the angry reaction vibe

  23. Emily Jane

    Emily Jane

    2 päivää sitten

    The cabbage leaf is the perfect shape for the breast and high in water so freezes well

  24. Anabela Sala

    Anabela Sala

    2 päivää sitten

    With all respect, the portuguese cabbage really heals mastitis and the benefits over medicine is not having to take more antibiotics than we need.

  25. Bharath


    2 päivää sitten

    Doc you look sleepless

  26. Nobody IsGonna

    Nobody IsGonna

    2 päivää sitten

    That fade hairstyle tho 🥵

  27. AK A

    AK A

    2 päivää sitten

    😆 I love how taken aback he is! Haha!

  28. Jonar Freim

    Jonar Freim

    2 päivää sitten

    Mike is slowly but surely turning into Greg Doucette

  29. manmanifhecould


    2 päivää sitten

    hey buuddy ol mike what up with your eye bud



    3 päivää sitten

    I'd be upset to if someone said putting an onion on your foot can make you smell good😑

  31. Kayla


    3 päivää sitten

    I’m gonna try the onion thing just to see what happens because now I’m curious

  32. subjecttwilight9


    3 päivää sitten

    Actually doctor Mike cabbage on the breast is used to produce breast milk when a mother chooses to wean her child. I found this fact in nursing school.

  33. Laws of Logic

    Laws of Logic

    3 päivää sitten

    Is it healthy to drink cow urine? The urine of a pregnant cow is also considered healthy as it is claimed to have special hormones and minerals. Ayurveda recommends drinking cow urine every morning on an empty stomach for curing different kinds of health ailments including diabetes, tumours, tuberculosis, stomach problems, and even cancer. I copy pasted this from google. I cant beleave this.

  34. deviance shahi

    deviance shahi

    3 päivää sitten

    Who makes these

  35. Candii A.L.

    Candii A.L.

    3 päivää sitten

    I actually like watching you get frustrated

  36. Mminnie92


    3 päivää sitten

    A doctor seeing cabbage on woman's breast: Leave the cabbage alone!!!!! Me being a Slavic woman: I don't know, this seems legit!

  37. Ann Sandra

    Ann Sandra

    3 päivää sitten

    7:09 I think this is 5 minute crafts😂😂

  38. Ky Haertle

    Ky Haertle

    3 päivää sitten

    When you got passionate about the cabbage one it reminded me of the cabbage man from avatar the last air bender

  39. dom Dade

    dom Dade

    3 päivää sitten

    Makes sense why shrek liked onions

  40. south sider96

    south sider96

    3 päivää sitten

    Never hold your farts in. They travel up your spine and into your brain, and that is where sh*tty ideas come from. XD

  41. SweettCurls


    3 päivää sitten

    This video cracked me up lol so hilarious

  42. Saniya Aggarwal

    Saniya Aggarwal

    4 päivää sitten

    Oh gooooddd you're soo funny and adorable i can't even 😂😂😂😂😂😻😻 (and the beginning posts and last meme got me so baaad because I'm from India and seeing Mike react to one of our stupid ignorant state heads was hilarious 😂)

  43. Harshika Mahesh

    Harshika Mahesh

    4 päivää sitten

    Pls excuse this Indian from a part of India not all Indians are like this we are actually pretty smart pls stay safe

  44. Kitty Angelina

    Kitty Angelina

    4 päivää sitten

    Omg😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 that was hilarious

  45. Smriti Patro

    Smriti Patro

    4 päivää sitten

    Well in India cow’s urine is considered as cure for any health related issues because cows are considered sacred according to hindu mythology. I haven’t tried it 😬 but just stating. I don’t know the medical importance of it

  46. ThatMissQuin


    5 päivää sitten

    I cant breathe from laughing so hard. Worth it.

  47. Rhiannon Houghteling

    Rhiannon Houghteling

    5 päivää sitten

    He's so angry today and he looks sleepy. 😴 Go to bed Dr. Mike. Lol

  48. Automotive DI

    Automotive DI

    5 päivää sitten

    The rebel dry enzymatically whip because gondola dewailly cough inside a incompetent taxicab. goofy, nosy needle

  49. Stefanie Umali

    Stefanie Umali

    5 päivää sitten

    I was not ready to see a doctor put headphones on his chest at 11PM

  50. yukinon _

    yukinon _

    5 päivää sitten

    just a thought, but it would be great if you can make some 5 minute crafts and something similar video reaction

  51. yukinon _

    yukinon _

    5 päivää sitten

    2:41 i think 9 months ago there's an issue of a circulating vid about a doctor saying putting cabbage compress in a swollen area anywhere your bodies can make it better. it will also work on muscular sprain or strain

  52. ChipmunkGamez


    5 päivää sitten

    7:09 my god i have eczema not so much now but when i was little it did not look like that so yeah he is right

  53. Jasper's Camera

    Jasper's Camera

    5 päivää sitten

    This nonsense reminds me of ancient superstitious cures for disease. Humans haven't changed in 4000+ years, despite the fact that some of them have literally walked on the moon.

  54. Christina Mays

    Christina Mays

    5 päivää sitten

    "Beans are good for your heart but they make you fart" 💨

  55. Phương Trần

    Phương Trần

    5 päivää sitten

    i rearly like this video it meaningful and laughing:)) I hope you made more same video.

  56. Robin Wilson's Truckin' Across the U.S

    Robin Wilson's Truckin' Across the U.S

    6 päivää sitten

    Speaking of bronchitis, I AM A DEMON! One day a person in my class that I absolutely despise, told everybody but me she had bronchitis and I over heard her. On the bus, someone asked, " why do you have that drink?" And she said," I need it so I don't die". And in my mind I say," ok just lemme take that drink away from you then.😈" But I knew she was going to get Angry and then tell on me. But a couple months ago she was expelled from school for one, spraying pepper spray on the classroom carpet, two, for threating to kill herself with a glass breaker bc she went to the office twice, three, Slapping someone in the face, and four, THREATENING TO KICK MY TEETH OUT! GOD IM HAPPY SHES OUTTA MY LIFE. Half of this was off topic but you probably get the point.

  57. Kay Kandi

    Kay Kandi

    6 päivää sitten

    Yes the cabbage is said to help with pain and swelling in the breast when stopping breast feeding

  58. mr dark_wol_f

    mr dark_wol_f

    6 päivää sitten

    Beans are good for you Heart That make you fart -doc mike

  59. johanariliz ramirez

    johanariliz ramirez

    6 päivää sitten

    Idk but all the time I keep my iPad close to me because that the only way ik how to do it AHHHHH 🤬

  60. Vidushi Mongra

    Vidushi Mongra

    6 päivää sitten

    ...yeahhh i'm gonna share this video with my dad

  61. whimsy33


    6 päivää sitten

    Actually, for people who are ill or others, who can't take a bath or shower to wash their hair I believe baking soda works as a good hack. I think there are dry shampoos you could use also for this same reason.

  62. Romina C

    Romina C

    6 päivää sitten

    To be fair, when you have dreadlocks you can't wash your hair very often (and regular shampoo will make them unravel), so baking soda or dry shampoo is better than nothing.

  63. Andromeda Picquery

    Andromeda Picquery

    6 päivää sitten

    Nobody: Dr. Mike: LeAve ThE cAbBaGe AlOnE!!

  64. Jon Hansen

    Jon Hansen

    6 päivää sitten

    My sister and mom put baby powder I. Their hair when they don’t have time to take a shower. They swear by this method and it makes your hair look clean

  65. Fathi Suleiman

    Fathi Suleiman

    7 päivää sitten

    Dr mike what up with you skin around your eye it look like orange shadow

  66. Verbodon Otaku

    Verbodon Otaku

    7 päivää sitten

    Cold cabbage in an ace bandage is what I was told to do in my hospital discharge, but it wasn't for an infection, it was to help with the pain of stopping milk production.

  67. Brooklyn Swensen

    Brooklyn Swensen

    7 päivää sitten

    I wish he was this enthusiastic in all of his videos. This is hilarious!😂😂

  68. Madelyn


    7 päivää sitten

    I love ya ( not like that but like 👍🏻) ok that’s all also you seem kinda salty

  69. sebas sebas

    sebas sebas

    7 päivää sitten

    The well-to-do tile unexpectedly command because waiter arguably punch apropos a dashing suggestion. apathetic, apathetic grandmother

  70. Babita Kumar

    Babita Kumar

    8 päivää sitten

    It's weird seeing the cow urine claim here. There are some people who claim that cow urine has a number of benefits. Am I some people? NO.

  71. Archmage 672

    Archmage 672

    8 päivää sitten

    it will CLEAN YOUR BLOOD. I lost it there lol

  72. Annely Muld

    Annely Muld

    8 päivää sitten

    The cabbage fing it works my family dos this😅😏

  73. EvanPea


    8 päivää sitten

    For me I have eczema and I learned long ago, the reason why I have it is because I drink a lot of milk and yes, milk can make you have eczema if you drink too much I think, idk,

  74. Kay


    8 päivää sitten

    Alternate title: Russian man gets angry at people wasting vodka on their feet

    • Hridakshi Pareek

      Hridakshi Pareek

      5 tuntia sitten

      Lmao 😂

  75. Monali Dash

    Monali Dash

    8 päivää sitten

    I love him today!

  76. Furry Trash the movie

    Furry Trash the movie

    8 päivää sitten

    As a literal witch: go to the fuckin doctor, natural remedies and crystals won’t fix everything.

  77. Positively Addie

    Positively Addie

    8 päivää sitten

    🎵 beans beans the magical food the more you eat the more you 🎶

  78. Jessica Awesome-sauce

    Jessica Awesome-sauce

    8 päivää sitten

    I had Mastitis and my Dr told me to use cold cabbage leaves and it helped tremendously! My Dr also recommended using cabbage leaves to dry up milk when weaning.

  79. Poppy Don Homestead

    Poppy Don Homestead

    9 päivää sitten

    There is actually an old wives tale that putting onions on the bottom of your feet in your socks will draw infection out from your body.

  80. Mimi 78

    Mimi 78

    9 päivää sitten

    Omg the grapefruit one.... whoever posted it needs to be charged. Criminally. Also don't rub Vaseline on your face.

  81. Danny Z

    Danny Z

    9 päivää sitten

    8:27 What insane what P.s. I’m being sarcastic

  82. Mady Pate

    Mady Pate

    9 päivää sitten

    I want to join your discord!!! how do i do that?

  83. Joseph Stofflet

    Joseph Stofflet

    9 päivää sitten

    Doctor Mike looks like he hasn't slept for like 2 days straight .

  84. Jackie Carzello

    Jackie Carzello

    9 päivää sitten

    5:19 that's why I love using my phone stand and book stand. My neck gets strained pretty fast if I'm looking down at my phone or book. It can get pretty uncomfortable and annoying especially when I'm trying to study. I recommend anybody taking classes buy a book and phone stand. It really helps.

  85. ThatChickOverThere


    9 päivää sitten

    Dr. Mike is triggered. 😂

  86. John k

    John k

    9 päivää sitten

    I remember weighing my backpack with all the textbooks and binders in high school. It was like 40 pounds!

  87. Patrick Huyghe

    Patrick Huyghe

    9 päivää sitten

    LOL, you were funny today....

  88. Raven Forshee

    Raven Forshee

    10 päivää sitten

    Grapefruit is a big one! There are multiple medications that interact with grapefruit. Just to be on the safe side, whenever you get prescribed a new medication, google the name of that medication followed by interactions and you'll find a full page telling you what foods or other medications to avoid

  89. Ali Usman

    Ali Usman

    10 päivää sitten

    Do an Indian version of review.

  90. Jean Faulds

    Jean Faulds

    10 päivää sitten

    The capable option undeniably surprise because chest evocatively kill across a successful humidity. responsible, majestic sturgeon

  91. A Vania Irene

    A Vania Irene

    10 päivää sitten

    Some Indians drink cow urine...they call it some religious belief or offense....but how do they drink that yucky 🤮 thing

  92. Cody Myer

    Cody Myer

    10 päivää sitten

    If I could make my farts turn into burps, you better believe I'd use that against people. 😂

  93. kangaroogirl88


    10 päivää sitten

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  94. Shannon Morey

    Shannon Morey

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  95. Racist Memer

    Racist Memer

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  96. Ben


    10 päivää sitten

    There is this practice in India, which is drinking small amounts of Cow Urine from time to time. STILL we only believe it gives good health overall. It's not specific. DOES NOT cure viruses or something else.

  97. Chris


    10 päivää sitten

    a dollar? I picked up a bottle of iso not too long ago and a bottle that size was $12