Doctor Explains Twins to Twins ft. The McClures

Ava and Alexis McClure are not just great FItoprs, but identical twins! I visited them to talk about what it means to be an identical twin, how that’s different than being a fraternal twin, and also get roasted by two children. We had a ton of fun together talking about where babies come from, the wonder of DNA, ultrasounds, and they even challenged me to see if I could tell them apart. Could you?

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    Peace Frog

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    Beth K

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    I live watching kids learn cause they're just like little sponges. Teaching them science is the coolest thing. Edit: My best friend is a twin. And when she and her sister were born they said they were identical biologically....but they look soooo different. It's always made me wonder.

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    burh lmao

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  59. Tøasted


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    • Reanna Bajnath

      Reanna Bajnath

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      W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P +•1•6•4•6•5•4•7•9•3•1•4..

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    Lauren D'Ambrosio

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    Sierra Emily

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